We provide natural persons, companies, law firms and state authorities with economic and financial expert opinions for economic litigation purposes. Our highly experienced specialists are listed as court-appointed experts in district courts in Gdańsk, Poznań, Szczecin and Warsaw.

Our services in this field include:

  • private opinions (economic and financial issues),
  • expert opinions for companies’ internal needs,
  • methodological and substantial evaluations of economic expert opinions,
  • expert opinions for courts, prosecutors and tax authorities.

Our expert opinions are used for purposes such as property partition, intra-corporate disputes and disputes between business partners, as well as bankruptcy and damage compensation proceedings.

Property partition

  • Property partition in divorce cases
  • Property partition in inheritance cases
  • Company property partition

Disputes between business partners / shareholders

  • Compulsory share buyout
  • Compulsory share repurchase
  • Infringement of minority shareholder rights

Intra-corporate disputes

  • Actions to the detriment of the company
  • Assessment of managerial decisions’ economic rationality
  • Economic disputes with employees

Bankruptcy proceedings

  • Assessment of insolvency premises
  • Restructuring plans
  • Business valuation for pre-pack purposes
  • Business valuation for bankruptcy proceedings

Compensation cases

  • Nationalization compensation
  • Damages for image infringement
  • Damage valuation
  • Valuation of lost profits
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