Our accounting office offers a full range of accounting, tax, HR, payroll and business consulting services. The team of accountants and HR specialists have extensive experience in working with small businesses as well as commercial law companies. We focus on the quality, reliability and timeliness of our services, which allows us to build long-term relationships with our clients.

  • Commercial bookkeeping
  • Tax revenue and expense ledgers
  • Flat-rate records
  • Servicing foreign transactions
  • VAT records
  • Representing clients in tax inspections and audits
  • Financial statements and annual accounts
  • Reports to the Central Statistical Office and the National Bank of Poland

Our offer also includes a wide range of HR and payroll services such as the preparation of employment contracts, calculating wages and compiling social security declarations. Knowledge and experience also allow us to support clients in a wide range of personnel management issues.

  • Comprehensive HR services
  • Keeping personal records
  • Registration and deregistration of employees
  • Settlement of payroll and insurance premiums
  • Preparation of PIT-11 declarations
  • Issuing salary certificates
FMS sp. z o.o.

FMS sp. z o.o.

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